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My name’s Alberto Castillo, I’m a 31 year old adventurer and explorer residing in China. I’m currently the Headmaster of an English Training School and the CEO of a non-profit, The Human Connections Magazine.


Ever since I’ve been a kid I’ve always wanted to travel and experience the mass world we live in. Now that I’m older I’m able to do such that. While my crazy journey unravels and I continue my travels, I’m blessed with beautiful experiences and immense love from different people and cultures. These experiences continue to open my eyes to the similarities we share as humans and to new possibilities in cross-cultures. They’ve made me aware of the rawness and beauty of the human spirit. And truthfully has led me to believe that in most basic form possible, we’re all the same, little balls of energy seeking happiness.

I've learned that I’ll forever be a student of the Universe and a mentor to whomever may need it.

Hopefully with my content I inspire, entertain and motivate you to explore and love the World for yourself.

And together as you join me, we'll learn more of this wild journey we call Life.

With love and excitement, 

Alberto Castillo

Alberto castillo 

the poDCAST:

During the beginning of 2020 I decided I wanted to create a podcast reflecting my journey and my thoughts along with conversations with friends from different parts of the World.  Check it out! 

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My Episodes:

Episode 11: You Need Surgery… What?! Oh Shit!
By Alberto Castillo | |
In this episode I go over my wonderful experience from the Chinese Hospital where I got my surgery, the unexpected connection I created with 5 strangers and how I found my faith in humanity in the most unexpected place. I hope you enjoy! With Love, Alberto Castillo
Episode 10: Buying Homes
By Alberto Castillo | |
Thinking of buying a home? Don't know where to start?! CHECK THIS OUT!
Episode 9: Life vs. Lifestyle
By Alberto Castillo | |
Join me in a conversation with my friend and fellow podcaster, Donald Williams Jr., in which we talk about keeping a balance between life, lifestyle, work, challenges and relationships.
Episode 7: Self Care
By Alberto Castillo | |
Life sometimes gets messy and we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we don't even know the damage we're doing to our spirit by not acknowledging our needs. Dive in with my friend Jason Woltz and I as we tackle the topic of self care and its importance.
Episode 6: Perception
By Alberto Castillo | |
Sometimes there's days where it seems like the World and the responsibilities of life gets in the way of happiness and fun. What do you do when you've had enough? Do you let the misfortunes dictate your reality? How do you move forward?

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